Trevor Noah hosts the Grammys PLUS the most famous person Nate Bargatze made laugh and it’s NOT Ringo Starr

Trevor Noah will host the Grammy Awards tonight.

Nate Bargatze on making Tiger Woods and Tom Hanks laugh

Man, Taylor Tomlinson sure is old

and that stuff about Texas…all true.

The shark.

Oh man, I just did something. I’m so excited about it. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your Daily Comedy News. We’ve been listening this week. You know, I’ve gotten obsessed with the AI chatbot writing some jokes, so I asked it to write some Mitch Hedberg style jokes, and all it did was give me back actual Mitch Hedberg jokes.

And so then I’m like, all right, write some Mitch Hedberg style jokes about helicopters. Wow, these are pretty good. So let me bust out my half ass, Mitch, that I haven’t done in a while. And here we go. A helicopter’s, like a flying staircase, but’s much more thrilling. Helicopters are like giant bumblebees, but with much more attitude.

I used to have a fear of helicopters that I realize what’s the worst that can happen? They crash. That’s just like falling with style. And here’s one that’s really just doing a cover version of a mixed joke, but helicopters are like elevators, but with. They can take you up, down. I spin you around. All right.

That’s ridiculous. , love the chatbot. The Grammys are tonight. Your host is Trevor Noah. He says, I have a lot of free time these days. That’s part of it.

He told the Holly Reporter moments that you have backstage with the performers. You’re just walking around, you’re seeing Billy Eilish, and she’s having a moment with another artist. You don’t get to see that anywhere else, and you don’t get to experience that level of joy. For me to be part of that is truly, I guess now it’s a three times a lifetime opportunity.

I never take it for granted because all these people are the soundtracks to our lives.

He’s very excited for Beyonce, the most decorated woman in Grammy. She’s nominated for nine Grammys at tonight’s show. Trevor said, I can think a few artists who are more deserving of holding that title and that position, and without disrespecting any of the previous holders of that title in any way.

It’s safe to say that Beyonce has truly done more than many to shape, not just the music, but pop culture, the perception of black women, black people in general, connecting the diaspora in the way that she creates her music, defining dance moves. I mean, she’s left an indel. Crush and oftentimes people have amazing influences on music or on culture and then will say, oh, it would’ve been great if they were celebrated.

It’s wonderful that Beyonce gets her flowers. Well said. Trevor told CBS b. S. The nerves come in cuz you’re standing in front of not just some of the best, but some of the biggest performers in the world. Nerves are part of what I do every year. I notice that I develop a different rapport with the people in the room.

That opens up to a few more jokes and a few more conversations in a way where people understand the context of who you are in relation to them means you get to have a little fun without anybody feeling like you’re dunking on them.

News talked to Nate tsi. They asked him What’s different about this new special. By the way, as I’ve been mentioning, that special is fantastic. You’ll find it on Amazon. I had a deep dive a little bit. Amazon didn’t put it right in front of me, actually, to type in Nate’s entire name for it to surface, but go find it.

It’s really good. Nate said, you’re always kind of changing as a comic You’re always kind of changing as a comic just because of the older you get. I’m very, very happy with the sour. I talk about growing up. I have a little bit in there about growing up Christian. It’s talking about my family.

This hour was very fun to tell and I had a lot of fun telling it. People laughed a lot. I enjoyed touring this hour, but I’m excited to have it on tape

amazon is doing a comedy push where they’re going to doing a lot more at standup and it gets to go and kind of be the face of that. It’s a giant deal and I’m excited to be at Amazon.

All right, Nate, who’s the most famous person you’ve ever made? Laugh his answer. Tiger Woods. I don’t think I gotta laugh. I think I was bombarding him with too much where he didn’t know to. He also said Joe Walsh of the Eagles. He saw me perform and then I performed at his 70th birthday party and you know who else was in the crowd?

Tom Hanks. So there you go. They laughed and enjoyed the show, so that was a big one. Ring Star was there as well, but I didn’t see him laugh.

Yahoo. Profiled Ellen DeGeneres.

And they flash back to a New York Times article from 1994 when Ellen got her sitcom, and Ellen said, I was laughing out loud when I read the script. I knew what I could do with it. I wanted to do a smarter, hipper version of I Love Lucy Only. Don’t take it so far I’m in a man’s seat with a mustache, trying to fool Ricky that I’m not his wife.

I wanted to show that everybody could talk about the next day. During the heights of Ellen’s popularity, she came out in real life and on the show, a, B, C canceled the sitcom just a year later as ratings dipped.

Palm Springs Life ass, Taylor Tomson. Hey Taylor. Taylor Tomlinson. What are the best and worst parts of being on tour? Taylor said the best part, being in different. Getting performed for different types of audiences, different crowds.

I’ve been trying hard to be more present, spend more time in cities I go to, as opposed to just flying in, doing the show and leav. the worst part, irregular sleep patterns. Travel is hard on your body, so it requires a lot of self-awareness and making sure you’re taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

Speaking of travel, I, I was recently down in Key West and I recorded a lot for my travel podcast. Travel Is Back. I have to assemble that audio, and that takes a little more work than just riffing comedy stories here. So I’m hoping to start. A new season of Travel is back in March, but in the meantime you can listen to Back Catalog episodes.

Travel is back wherever you get your shows.

Then they asked her about work shopping material. When you know you’re not gonna be recorded as opposed to say taping a special. Taylor said it’s hard because people aren’t supposed to record shows, but there’s always a possibility. When I was younger, it wasn’t so much of a thing.

I love Taylor Tomon. What is she like 26 saying? When I was.

Oh, she’s 29 now. Yeah. I remember way back in the 2010s when people didn’t have phones. What are you, what did we talk about when I was younger? It wasn’t so much of a thing. You just said whatever you wanted and you were like, that’s never gonna leave the. and also nobody cares. I’m not a well-known comedian, but that’s the responsibility that comes with being more success.

It looks hard to me to be a really famous comic and a workout material. I know people are very interested in it. Even if they don’t record it, they might write it down, might put it online, and some jerk in his basement reads it to you third hand on his dumb podcast. Paraphrasing there. It’s tough because to get to the good stuff, the best jokes and the most vulnerable places,

you do have to slot through those rough draft sets and your rough drafts are in front of people. I was thinking about that when I was listening back to Thursday’s podcast where I had the AI write the Andrew Santino style Proctology bit. I wanna move the Colombo part to the front of the setup and the way I did it, I have it the end.

I’m gonna actually, a comedian. I’m not gonna rework the bit, but I should have put the Colombo. Oh, just another thing at the top. Go back and listen to the Thursdays episode if you know what I’m talking.

Taylor said it’s really special to feel like you’re in a room of people where you’re like, oh, this isn’t gonna happen again. Like if you have cool crowd work or something, you’re like, ah, this was just for us.

This was just for the collection of people At this time, this night, specialists feel more polished. They’re like, okay, this is all the stuff that I wanna live somewhere forever.


It is the final day of San Francisco Sketch Fest. One o’clock Bruce McCullough and Kevin McDonald’s. Four o’clock John Hod.

Seven 30 dumb people Town with the Sklar Brothers and Kyle Canan. I would hit that one up. I’m a fan of all of those, actually, everybody I’ve mentioned. I’m a fan of eight o’clock Riffa Alza, bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and some others. You might know those guys from Mystery Science Theater, 3000, at least one of the incarnations.

And that’s it for this year’s Sketch Fest. The New York Times reviewed Sam Morrison’s show Sugar Daddy

in Sam Morrison show The grief comes out and laughs The Times, writes in some culture.

Keening over a casket promises cathartic release. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word keening.

Keening. K E E N I N G. The act of welling and grief for a dead person. You learn something new every day. On to LA Comedy news.

In some cultures keening over a casket promises cathartic release for the writer and performer, Sam Morrison. A self-identified, anxious asthmatic, gay, diabetic Jew vocalizing his pain means barreling through punchlines at high speed, pumping the brakes every so often to split his heart open. That’s sugar Daddy now running at the Soho Playhouse.

He’s 28. He calls himself an old queen by New York Standard. and admits that the recent death of his boyfriend of three years is all he can think about. Well, that one other thing, the joke, sad gay men are objectively the horniest people in the world. Sugar Daddy through February 17th at Soho Playhouse runs an hour and five minutes.

The guardian reviewed Vittorio Angelo that show’s called Translations. They called it an eye-catching standup Debut from Vittorio Angelo, although three stars outta five Vittorio is an Irish Italian comic who was nominated for best newcomer at the Edinburgh.

The Guardian says he does try a bit too hard to be all things to all people. It’s a smooth and thoughtful hour of comedy riffing on the relationship between England and Ireland as experienced by an immigrant from Belfast to. . There’s also material on his Italian immigrant family and some throwaway stuff about Clicktivism.

This one from the Houston Chronicle to the rest of the world. Texans are usually thought of as cowboy boot wearing individuals who ride horses everywhere. Listen to country music and love to eat barbecue. But are those stereotypes actually true? Well, don’t ask the chat, but they won’t let you make those jokes.

Era. Holiday, H O L L Y D A Y is an 18 year old comedian hailing from Texas, and it’s proving that the jokes are not too far off the.

He’s on TikTok, giving glimpses into his daily life as a native Texan. Like any typical Texan holiday day, rolls outta bed with his cowboy boots and a 10 gallon hat already on. Starts off his day by Garling with a shot of warm lone star beer out of a cowboy boot shaped. He follows up by pledging allegiance, not to the Texas flag, but to the state’s favorite brands.

H e b, Bluebell Whataburger and Buck ees. I’m not from Texas. I don’t know what those are. What’s Buck E Texans are like you stupid Yankee.

Buck E is a chain of travel centers known for clean bathrooms.

Love it. Once he’s finished with those, he changes out of his PJs that include a Texas Longhorn T-shirt and into his Workwear, , which is a pinstripe button down with black leather cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat. At [9:00] AM I’m on my 18th glass of sweet tea. By the end of the day, I’ll haveum the Texan standard of 12 gallons of sweet tea.

He then practices his Yeehaw S Outdoors. After lunch, he looks out the window solemnly as he takes a few minutes to remember the Alamo, and he also completes his daily task of jacking up his pickup truck a few more inches. Holidays. TikTok has been viewed more than 5.7 million times, 1.1 million likes. He also has over 11,400 comments.

Sounds like a funny bit. And that’s your company News four today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, wherever you get your shows. See you tomorrow with a Grammy recap.

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